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Quale tipo di legno è meglio per un tavolo da pranzo: legno di acacia, legno di sheesham e legno di gomma?


Which type of wood is best for a dining table: acacia wood, sheesham wood and rubberwood?


I looked up all three on The Wood Database

Acacia - a wide variety of species pretty much world wide with Australia having the most species. From just a quick look at the article I would consider it the best of the three for any kind of furniture. Acacia (wattle) genus

Sheesham wood - This one I never heard of before. Again with a quick look at the article on the database site it is a good wood for furniture, very pretty but darkens with age to almost black. Possibly hard to get large straight lumber, it is noted as “growing crooked”. Possibly over harvested, possibly headed toward endangered (my opinion). The Wood Database

Rubberwood - Harvested from rubber plantations where older trees are being replaced. Used for “inexpensive Asian export furniture” (paraphrased from Wood Database). First came to my attention several years ago being marketed as “Malaysian Oak”, also called “Golden Oak”, other “marketing” names also. They do keep advertising it. Vulnerable to insects and fungus. DON’T use it outdoors!

I would not touch it with your saw.

The Wood Database

Actually, I like them making use of the lumber instead of just burning it like they used to. I just hate being bull$hited.

Jim Y

Schlenger Kratzer

Umm. Dei tre, probabilmente l'acacia.

Io userei scarti di 2x4 prima di usare il legno di gomma.

North American Walnut, vero mogano, quercia o qualsiasi hickory sono belli.

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