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Cosa sono le piante medicinali e aromatiche?

Nahshon Kearn

Le piante medicinali e aromatiche sono un ricordo, che in effetti la natura è la migliore.

Tra un grande gruppo di piante, molte specie vegetali sono attivamente utilizzate come fonte di trattamento di molti disturbi. Tali piante sono conosciute come MAPs. La capacità delle piante di sintetizzare una serie di sostanze fitochimiche come metaboliti, porta a ingredienti terapeutici nelle piante che sono utili per la cura della salute come nutraceutici, farmaci e medicine e anche profumi e aromi.


Le qualità medicinali - le piante hanno la capacità di sintetizzare una grande varietà di composti chimici che vengono utilizzati per svolgere importanti funzioni biologiche e per difendersi dagli attacchi di predatori come insetti, funghi.

The aromatic qualities- plants that produce and exude aromatic substances which are used in making perfumes, in cooking, and in pharmaceuticals, liqour industries.

In India, the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) is a research institute of Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR) and its headquarters is in Lucknow. Alongwith conserving the plant genetic resources systematically and undertaking world class research work in plant science, CIMAP is equipping the nation with high-tech agriculture linked to industrial processing of MAPs.

Some of the widely popular MAPs are —

  • Basil (Tulsi) — Its helpful for cold, bronchitis, malaria, indigestion, headache, cholera, insomnia. Even it is woven as Tulsi beads, which have certain medicinal values.
  • Aloe Vera — It is usedboth internally and externally. Heals wounds, burns, dandruff and if consumed can treat ulcerative colitis, constipation and other digestive problems.
  • Rosemary — According to UMMC, it is a wonderful stimulating alternative to coffee. It sharpens memory and concentration by pumping more oxygen to brain.
  • Gotu kola — Helpful against skin injuries, ulcers. Maintains youthfulness and is also used to treat leprosy and revitalise brain and nervous system.
  • Lavender — It alleviates stress, tension, insomnia and acts as a mild antidepressant.
  • Fenugreek — Effective in gaining weight, lowering cholesterol, body building, treating inflammation and ulcer of stomach. Acts as a pain reliever during menstruation and increases lactation as well.
  • Sage — The word itself means 'to heal'. It cures excessive sweating, salivation, depression, anxiety. It is helpful in fertility affairs of women.
  • Ashwagandha — It promotes fertility, aids in wound care and boosts immunity, controls cholesterol and blood sugar and regulates sleep cycle as well.
  • Stevia — It acts as low carb, low sugar food alternative.

Other useful MAPs are peppermint, lemon balm, lemon grass, thyme, khus, vitex .

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