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Come iniziare a coltivare piante medicinali a Haridwar? Quali autorità possono aiutare

Bridgid Evey

I am giving below step-by-step process of Medicinal plant cultivation in Himalayan region.

1). Study NMPB documents and subsidies for Medicinal Plants farming in India → National Medicinal Plants Board

2). Study and understand various subsidies for farmers, those who are cultivating medicinal plants 30%, 50% and 75% subsidies are available for growing endangered Medicinal plants → Prioritised list of Medicinal Plants for cultivation

3). Understand cultivation cycles, land /soil conditions needed for medicinal plants, growing methods, cultivation, harvesting, storage of various medicinal plants suitable to Uttarakhand state, from → Centre For Aromatic Plants , Selaqui, Dehradun

4). Contact state medicinal plants board for support /assistance → Welcome to State Medicinal Plants Board, Uttarakhand... also for seeds, saplings, etc.

5). Do organic cultivation of medicinal plants - never use any Chemicals - using chemicals is against the WHO & UN - FAO joint guidelines of GACP (Good agriculture and collection practice)

6). Contact ANKUR → Welcome to Ankur Welfare Association for help in selling your products.

Good wishes…

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