QNA > C > Puoi Coltivare Una Trappola Per Mosche Di Venere Con La Tua Marijuana?

Puoi coltivare una trappola per mosche di Venere con la tua marijuana?


No. Marijuana has a growth requirement similar to corn (Maize) or wheat, which is why many farmers want to grow Hemp, it is more lucrative, and can be added to the rotation. Cannabis sativa - Wikipedia. And the correct Latin pronunciation is “Cun (like”sun”)-NAB (like baby) -is, and set (like “set”) -TIVE (like “jive”) uh. All these people pronouncing it on TV are just wrong…

VFT (Venus Flytrap) is a bog plant, and developed the trap as an adaptation to living in low nutrient boggy soil that is low in Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and Iron. No Cannabis plant is going to grow in such circumstances.

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Posso coltivare una trappola per mosche di Venere con una luce per piante a LED blu? Aveva anche luci LED rosse. :: Come coltivare i semi di Venus flytrap in casa mia durante l'autunno e l'inverno
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