Zone 8 bamboo plants: can you grow bamboo in zone 8 gardens

Can grow bamboo in zone 8? When you think of bamboo, you may think of panda bears in a faraway Chinese forest. However, these days bamboo can grow in graceful stands all over the world. With varieties that are hardy all the way down to zone 4 or up to zone 12, growing bamboo in zone 8 provides many possibilities. Continue reading to learn about bamboo plants for zone 8, as well as proper care for zone 8 bamboo.

Coltivazione di bambù nella zona 8

There are two main types of bamboo plants: clump forming and runner types. Clump forming bamboo do just as their name implies; they form large clumps of bamboo canes. Runner bamboo types spread by rhizomes and can form a large stand, shoot their runners beneath concrete sidewalks, and form another stand on the other side. Runner types of bamboo can become invasive in some areas.

Before growing bamboo in zone 8, check with your local county extension office to make sure they are not considered an invasive species or noxious weed. Clump forming and runner types of bamboo are also broken down into three hardiness categories: tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate. In zone 8, gardeners can grow either sub-tropical or temperate bamboo plants.

As stated above, before planting any bamboo, make sure it is not banned in your location. Even clump forming bamboo have been known to travel down waterways and escape the confines of the garden.

In time, both clump forming and runner types of bamboo can become overgrown and choke themselves out. Removing old canes every 2-4 years can help the plant look tidy and nice. To best keep runner bamboo plants in check, grow them in pots.

Bamboo Plants for Zone 8

Below are different types of clump forming and runner zone 8 bamboo plants:

Clump Forming Bamboo

  • Green Stripestem
  • Alphonse Karr
  • Foglia di felce
  • Dea d'oro
  • Silver stripe
  • Piccola felce
  • Willowy
  • Buddha’s Belly
  • Punting Pole
  • Tonkin Cane
  • Southern Cane
  • Simon
  • Switch Cane

Runner Bamboo Plants

  • Tramonto brillante
  • Panda verde
  • Groove giallo
  • Legno
  • Castillion
  • Meyer
  • Bambù nero
  • Henson
  • Bissett
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